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Tulpa Dusha

Tulpa | Dusha are two audio projects, created by Anna Martinova, Dutch resident original from Baltic shores. Tulpa audio stories are night dance oriented psychedelic techno improvisations. Dusha is the music, composed and sung by the girl.
Both projects are played live with modular synthesis system and additional instruments.
With both projects Martinova performs in clubs and venues all over the world.

Martinova met modular synthesis when she started to perform Tulpa | Dusha live, and completely switched to recording and performing Live with her personal system in 2017. In a year after meeting Modular, Martinova established Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School initiative, that functions as synthesis school and a platform for Sonic exploration in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The project is supported by modular community, organizes lead manufacturers and icons of modular workshops and performances, runs synthesis school curriculum and promotes sound synthesis; has on board systems, unique audio design program and a DIY lab. Modular Moon extended its operations and now has a section in México city, Berlin, Tokyo, prepares to open a section in Moscow and Krasnodar, Russia.

Anna is a co-author of Modular Sound Synthesis On The Moon, the method-book that is designed to teach sound Synthesis from beginners level. Over 700 students all over, who purchased the book, learn modular with the method, including educational institutions like Gnesinka Russia, Danish Royal Musical School, Qatar Educational Foundation.

Martinova also brought Sound Objects – a line of synthesizers from Russia – to western public attention. Sound Objects are analogue sound mini stations; powerful and affordable systems, making the object a gate away system for learning sound synthesis.

Tulpa Dusha :

Modular Moon | Modular Synthesis School:

Sound Objects :

credits : Header Artwork “Dissolution of Ego ” by Peter Gric,