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“Derrière l’Écran” by Odalie

Two years after her highly acclaimed self-titled EP, ODALIE, the creative outlet of French composer Sophie Griffon, returns with Derrière l’écran (engl. “behind the screen”) – another EP format that interacts with an elaborate audiovisual live show.
Together with cellist Paolo Rezze and visualist Alma Alta, 5 evocative audiovisual paintings have been created between electronica, ambient and modern classical music.

The partly improvised interplay between cello, modular synthesizer, crystalline pads and odd rhythms creates meditative, but also highly concentrated and threatening moods that are meant to uncover a multiplicity behind the screen of our cornea, in the warming cocoon of imagination.
File under: Anne Müller / Olafur Arnalds / Chapelier fou / Isan / Sigur Rós
As a first glimpse into the EP, Les Hybres (according to the Science Fiction Work “Les Hybres” by Alain Damasio) will be released on May 28th 2021, including a video created by the procedure of photogrammetry (3D scan).

“The repetitive rhythmic pattern of Les Hybres is reminiscent of a chronometer ticking down the seconds like a kind of doom that we all run towards, that we want to escape, but that holds us back. The end of the track evokes, through a cloud of sound, the overflow of emotions- time that has caught us in its grip and that we must escape by stepping aside and no longer seeing it as an enemy. The video for the song creates the same universe of fleeting memories that we see passing too quickly- moments that we must cherish because time will not wait for us.
Odalie stirs up a glow on Derrière l’écran, makes moods seem like brief impressions, and takes plenty of time to let the sonic elements melt into each other. An emulsion that spreads finely filtered like fragrant flavors – this is how her pieces lead musically from one world to another.
As fragile as the music may seem, it can hardly be measured in its strength. Between storms, frictions of synthesis, textures and melodies, crystal-clearly handmade and well-thought music emerges as an essence of the process.
An essence that is transporting liveliness, letting the listener listen up – not wanting to stop listening.
Derrière l’écran will be released on July 2nd digitally and as a limited CD edition via TELESKOP.