New Album Release – “Blow A Storm” by Johno Wells

Blow A Storm by Johno Wells is a tribute to Paul Tas and Error Instruments. All these tracks were created using mostly his incredible sound design tools with the addition of a few other ingredients. Paul’s unique instruments have been a huge part of my progression to finding my voice and being at peace with the music I’m making, and I’ll be forever grateful.

These six tracks were all one takes on a modular synthesizer with no overdubs or post work. A little light EQ and compression and mastering were the only touches to these free improvisations.
Scaper (Track 3) features the Soundscaper (Error Instruments) as its only voice.
LiquidG (Track 4) features the Liquid Glitcher (Error Instruments) as its only voice.
I-Res (Track 5) features the Indian Resonator (Error Instruments) as its only voice.
Thank you for listening! And THANK YOU, PAUL / ERROR INSTRUMENTS.