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“Hidden Dimensions” by Dariusz Mazurowski

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Milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia… Is time the fourth dimension or just one of many parameters of multidimensional spacetime. How many hidden dimensions are there? According to the linear concept, time is a means to measure events, ordered from the past through the present into the future. We can have memories of the past, but not of the future. But what if it would be possible to travel across multidimensional spacetime and discover that time is not linear, but a much more complex mechanism? Is the experience of time just a straight line? Today our knowledge and experience of time, at the macroscopic level, is not time-reversal invariant. Consequently, everything real today will be just a memory of the past tomorrow.

Hidden Dimensions is a reflection on this uncontrolled flow of time and the mysterious way it is experienced. The work is a large-scale electroacoustic composition in three parts (Interrupted Timeline, Dossier of Oblivion and Depth of Field), each having its own dramatic structure and profile. Although ideally presented as a complete work, each part may also be performed as a separate piece.

Hidden Dimensions contains a large collection of various sounds – mostly pure electronic and synthesized, but also those derived from vocal sounds. For this work, the entire sonic spectrum has been processed with both analog and digital tools, including phase vocoder technology, analysis and re-synthesis of various source samples, physical modeling, complex hybrid processing and many other techniques. The definitive version is a 6-channel audio projection (5.1 surround sound with separate LFE channel), but more complex multichannel mixes are possible depending on certain concert situations. To make the stereo version that is heard on this disc, various advanced software processors were used to obtain a faithful spatial diffusion of the sounds.
paru le 6 janvier 2022

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