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“If We Seek With Intent” by Boscio

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“If We Seek With Intent” is a body of work rooted in self-discovery. For the past couple of years, I’ve been sinking my teeth into modular synthesis and how that world could be incorporated in my music.

In finding ways to keep myself productive during our infamous 2020 quarantine, I decided to dive into the deeper parts of my creative subconscious, while mostly using tools I could have a physical connection with in order to navigate the depths of my inner self. The process of creating with these tools and not being restricted by the usual constraints of writing music under dialogue, allowed for one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had to date. This process is detailed in the accompanying PDF booklet.

I’m extremely proud of these six simple, yet deeply personal instrumental tracks, which allowed me to let go of all self-judgment in my creative intent. I hope you allow yourself the time and mental space to live in these sonic landscapes for a while, and that you find in them whatever you’re seeking.

paru le 2 octobre 2020

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