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Serge-O-Voxes – voices for the Serge 5. v.1 – Modulisme Session 083


Welcome to Serge -o- Voxes # 5 celebrating 50 years since the creation of the SERGE « the People’s Synthesizer».
Gathering compositions made playing the system to compose an hommage, secretly, as I wanted to prepare a surprise for Serge Tcherepnin… The first 4 volumes of the « Serge -o- Voxes » series gathered 80 compositions forming the largest hommage-testimony ever made…
This time offering 60 short works divided in 2 volumes, this is v.1, ENJOY!

LOADS of infos + pictures on our platform:

+ make sure to check the first four volumes in the series:

and more essential infos:

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