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Andrew Ostler

“Armed with his saxophone, an array of pedals, and a modular synthesizer, Andrew Ostler masterfully combines contemplation and movement, serenity and letting go.
With “Four Drones for Saxophone and Modular Synthesizer,” the artist invites us to journey into a space open to the immensely vast, an intergalactic universe adorned with twinkling stars following soothing trajectories.The sound from his instrument transforms into drifting layers, traversing suspended realms, perched on the roof of a world pouring forth a cascade of soothing waves. Minimal yet rich in equal measure, Andrew Ostler’s album carries with it a fleet of caressing sensations, kneading our minds until they are free from the daily burdens of our lives” Roland Torres

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Labels Expert Sleepers
Genres Ambient Cinematic Drone Soundscapes
Instruments Eurorack Tape Loops