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We are choosing content partners to program regular shows and highlight their content. Label selections, Artist selections/mixtapes, Podcasts, Interviews, … Modular-Station is also programming internal thematic shows, focusing on an Instrument, a Genre or an artist for one hour. Shows are often scheduled every week and sometimes every day at the same hour to create a “Rendez-Vous” for the audience.



MODULISME & MODULAR-STATION are working very close together in a strong partnership. Modulisme is a platform supporting leftfield MODULAR SYNTHESIS. A radio program, magazine, and above all label-like offering music for you to listen to… Philippe Petit started MODULISME in the Summer of 2019, as a logical continuation of his prestigious label BiP_HOp which from … Continued

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Flag Day Recordings

by Guillermo Pizarro

Established in the Autumn of 2017 by Guillermo Pizarro, Flag Day Recordings is a label based out of Eastern Pennsylvania focused on promoting experimental music, soundtracks and studio produced projects done at Mystery Ton Studios. Flag Day Recordings has no political alignment or agenda. The name is an homage to the now defunct imprint SEVEN1878 … Continued

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Modular 404

by Jan De Block

Modular404 is a label created by Jan De Block, dedicated to tracks of 404 seconds produced in realtime with modular synthesizers, computers being used only for recording and mastering.

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