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Is an Internet radio & web portal dedicated to electronic music made with modular synthesis, test equipment & experimental instruments: electro-acoustic, experimental, techno, concrete, noise, ambient… Variety and quality being of the utmost importance. Its mission is to air and promote those genres among our community and to offer an alley to discover/explore modular artists and music from all over the world. This English-speaking Radio provides a permanently rotating non-downloadable Main Radio Stream, daily and weekly thematic audio shows and chronicles, feature articles written by editorial writers… and many more ressources in the future with the help of the community.


Serge Tcherepnin
Spiritual Sponsor and Godfather of the Radio
Yan Proefrock (PRFRK)
Founder / administration & artistic direction
Laurent Houdard
Website development & technical architecture support
Philippe Petit
Philippe is in charge of the Leftfield “Experimental” side of the catalog development and programming + adding spices to our “Early Electronics” and “Buchla” hours”
Max Maleo
Max takes the lead on the visual art direction, preparing graphical materials and animations to communicate on social médias

A main radio stream in permanent rotation made of a selection of short works (around 15 minutes max) of all genres. Our aim is to be offering a varied flow, with “rapid” rotation to approach the listening habits of “traditional radio listeners » in hope to introduce this music to an audience larger than that of our acquired community.

The main radio stream (MRS) rotation will be interspersed with more “cutting-edge” thematic daily programs, for instance dealing with systems (BUCHLA, SERGE, EURORACK …) genre (TECHNO, AMBIENT, EXPERIMENTAL…) These thematic programs will be the alley where one would meet some more experimental musical forms.

MODULAR-STATION is developing partnerships with labels and other web platforms to create a quality catalog, help with thematic programming and add editorial content to the website. Our goal is not to duplicate their content, but on the contrary to promote and provide additional visibility. (more on the SHOWS tab)

We are very concerned with royalties being due to each composer and thus Modular Radio is declaring and paying fees for every track broadcasted. We are paying the SACEM, the French collective rights management organization in charge of transferring the money to local organizations you’d have chose to work with. A detailed monthly overview of all broadcasted tracks is automatically generated and send by mail to the SACEM. We also give access to each broadcasted artist to her/his individual overviews in hope to help with the follow up.

Modular-Station artists can access anytime the Backend Personal History tool :

All the artists with an artist page on the website and who have given us an email address will be able to connect to their personal history tool by first resetting the password and creating a new one. They will be able to download spreadsheets for 1 month to 1 Year History to help them manage their royalties. When you reset a the password if you are on Gmail, you will find the mail with all informations in the “Promotions” category of the Mailing box.

“I try to be open minded and to represent a wide part of the modular music genres, but clearly my selection is subjective and is globally aligned with my personal taste. When i select an artist for the radio, i rarely take every track and every album, but i  always try to make a drastic and “relevant” selection for my editorial line. It’s a hard job sometimes, but these are just artistic and subjective selection criteria, never value judgements.  I like to take advice from my fellow team and modular friends when i think i need to, but in fact i just make choices and i take responsibility for them.” PRFRK

Analog or digital modular sonic possibilities are an essential part of your compositional process and you would be interested to be broadcasted on the radio? You can fill out this form and our selection committee will be happy to listen to your music. You can also wright us at We are a bit overwhelmed with information to treat at the moment with the launch, so it can take us some time to process all the applications. Thank you for your understanding. Note that everyone will receive a response by email.

NEW RELEASE SUBMISSION FORM, for artist already in the catalog
You already have an artist page on the radio ? Here is a new Form to submit all your new tracks and albums