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Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit Portrait

I am interested in soundtracks and like to be introduced as a “musical travel agent”.

Since the early 2000s I have been performing the world, playing festivals all over Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia & Asia, feeling lucky to release on several international labels.

I study Electroacoustic music at the CNRR Conservatory of Marseille where I am specialising in multi-channelled diffusion (Acousmatic spatialisation) and Modular Synthesis. I am interested in the importance of the compositional gesture, to favor the live touch without repetitions, by impulse, in a very corporeal way. VISCERALITY ! Sculpting sound like a craftsman, without restraint or sometimes “on the tip of the hands”, muted, caressing or with a simple stroke of a hand turn bersek all frequencies / pitches in a very electroacoustic result… Transporting everything in an elastic space-time where their harmonies and varied colors would join-overlap carrying the listener as if I had inflated a balloon and let it fly away suddenly…
Tension-relaxation, destabilizing and reassuring at the same time, kind of immersed in a dream where nothing would be where it is expected.
A kind of gesture towards vertigo but also sometimes a hand-stretched towards a reassuring elsewhere ….

Relying on electricity/amplification to produce, manipulate, work on sound-material, but trying my best to explore various genres and make sure that each of my albums differs from the previous one, trying to avoid routine and surprise my listeners.

Not musically trained/educated I lie outside the Classical genre but my scores incorporate traditional classical components in a predominantly unconventional manner which recently allowed me to being asked by Iancu Dumitrescu & Ana Maria Avram to join forces as a soloist in their Hyperion Ensemble + being invited by Jean-Paul Dessy (Musiques Nouvelles ensemble) and Raoul Lay (Ensemble Télémaque) to become in charge of electronics/turntables in their ambitious E. C. O. (European Chamber Orchestra) formation comprising of 33 soloists…

Fortunate enough to work with what people call a dream-team of collaborators: joining Lydia Lunch, Murcof, The European Contemporary Orchestra (E.C.O.), Mark Cunningham (MARS), Cindytalk, Orkest De Ereprijs, Audrey Chen, Mia Zabelka, Iancu Dumitrescu’s Hyperion Ensemble, Stephen O’Malley, Yannick Barman, PAS or Faust onstage and-or in studio.

Besides I did some recordings with: Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Simon Fisher Turner, Kumo, Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys), Cosey Fanni Tutti (Throbbing Gristle), My Brightest Diamond, Sybarite, Foetus, Pantaleimon, Graham Lewis (Wire), Barry Adamson, Andy Diagram, Scanner, Machinefabriek, Mira Calix, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Justin K. Broadrick, James Johnston (Gallon Drunk/Bad Seeds/Faust), ASVA, Jarboe, Jad Fair, Martin Dupont and many more…

I am also the founder (w/ Hervé Vincenti) of the international collective Strings Of Consciousness

Other Instruments : Buchla 200, Buchla Music Easel, EMS Synsthi, Caterpillar Drum Guitar, Electric Psalterion, Hackbrett Cymbalum, Roland Fantom G6, ARP Solina, Turntables

Location Marseille, France
Labels Modulisme Opa-Loka Ante-Rasa Aagoo Southern UK Monotype Alrealon Musique Beta Lactam Ring Sub Rosa HomeNormal Important Staubgold
Genres Cinematic Electro-Acoustic Experimental
Instruments Buchla 200 Buchla Music Easel EMS VCS3 / Synthi Pulsar 23 Theremin