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Yan Pröfrock

Founder & Administrator of Modular-Station

Geek and passionate about all musics PRFRK (aka Yan Proefrock) likes to think outside the box. Video director and editor specialised on live music shows for the french television he learned classical piano quite young and started buying gear in the 80’s. He discovered modular synthesiser in 2016 and became totally addicted to it. Eurorack was a starting point, he dived into DIY and circuit designs. Meeting Serge Tcherepnin and discovering the Serge system has been a trigger and a revolution for his way of thinking and making music. He likes to describe himself as an ever-growing noob and more as an « artistic tech guy » than a real musician.

Location Paris, France
Genres Ambient Concrete Experimental IDM Techno
Instruments Buchla 100 Eurorack Piano Serge Stroh