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Apollo Noir

A chap faithful to his roots, both musical and geographical, French artist and producer Remi Sauzedde aka Apollo Noir spent his juvenile years between the black woods of his motherland Auvergne and the rehearsal cave of his hardcore punk band. As a grown up, thanks to a refined transversal culture and an accumulation of analogue synths which helped him to achieve his ambitions, he is now performing a hybrid and quite unique form of electronic music.

His 3rd album Weapons takes you on an eventful journey between brutalism and minimalism, bathing in Apollo’s antithetical passions and a fascination for the subversive imaginary of the metal genre (notwithstanding a certain irony). Chopped rhythms collide with saturated basslines, where synth and spectral voices – his sound signature – meet a surgical sound design.

Apollo Noir as a matter of fact is a prolific bangers maker, from the jubilation of “Arme de Destruction Massive” to the epic momentum of “Adieu”. “Tue les Tous” is nothing but a love letter to industrial rock and metal solo guitars, while “Flame Thrower” belongs to the grimy witch house lineage and stresses a trap color to the red. And if you ask about the 20 ambient minutes of “Sorry” closing the album, they’re only here to remind us, to our delight, that Remi Sauzedde will always do as he pleases.
Certainly his most accessible and straightforward record, mixed by the infamous producer slash Tigersushi head honcho Joakim Bouaziz, Weapons marks a new milestone in Apollo Noir’s meandering and playful exploration, a trip that in your collection should find its place between Minor Threat, SOPHIE and Slayer.

Location Paris, FRANCE
Labels Santé Records Tigersushi Records OOH-sounds
Genres Ambient Drone Experimental IDM
Instruments Eurorack Jupiter 8 Make Noise