Batchas is a project that started in 1983 in Marseille, when Robert Massé was a student at the Beaux-Arts school. Since then, sound and electronics are at the heart of his project and his interest for experimentation in all its forms.

The music on his first releases on tape cassettes in 1985-86 on Scrotum Production label was made with limited equipment. A Sony walkman to record the fridge, the TV set, the streets, voices, a bass guitar… An Electro-Harmonix Memoryman for effect processing. An answering machine with a few endless loop cassettes.
His main musical influences back then were ska and punk, then industrial with a fascination for Berlin, where he decided to go to live in 1987, before he moved to Zurich in 1991.

Over the years he experimented with 4-track recorders, contact mics, turntables with prepared vinyls, analog synths, drum machines, samplers, a scanner, prepared CDs, effects…
He started with modular systems in the 90’s with the acquisition of a Roland 100M with 3 cabinets and a Digisound portable case. His dreams of playing with Buchla and Serge modulars came true much later in 2011.

„ I enjoy the interaction with these machines. I like the unpredictability. I like the impermanent nature of a patch. It reflects our existence and the nature of all things. It encourage me to improvise and live more in the present moment. “

Location France
Labels Modulisme
Genres Experimental
Instruments Buchla Bugbrand Ciat Lonbarde Eurorack Serge