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Ben Carey

Ben Carey is a Sydney-based composer, improviser and educator. He makes electronic music using the modular synthesiser, develops interactive music software and creates audio-visual works. Ben’s research and practice is concerned with musical interactivity, generativity and the delicate dance between human and machine agencies in composition and performance. Ben has released six albums, including Hypertelic (2021, self-released), TRACK – Sumn Conduit (2020, self-released), ANTIMATTER (2019, Hospital Hill Records) and derivations | human-machine improvisations (2014, self-released). Ben completed a PhD in interactive musical composition at the University of Technology Sydney in 2016, and is currently Lecturer in Composition and Music Technology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

Location Sydney, Australia
Labels hospitalhill
Genres Electro-Acoustic Experimental IDM Noise
Instruments Eurorack Serge