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Christian Wittman

Christian Wittman is one of the founding members of the French group LIGHTWAVE, which has been tracing a unique creative path in the field of electronic and ambient musics since the 1980s (Erdenklang, Hearts of Space, Signatures/Radio France…).

We had various collaborations (concerts and recordings) with Paul Haslinger (ex-Tangerine Dream), Jon Hassell, Michel Redolfi, Hector Zazou…

My music is at the crossroads of ambient and experimental music, with a strong emphasis on sound design and sculpting, as well as on abstract and spacy atmospheres. I try to create immersive soundscapes, like possible soundtracks for films listeners are invited to imagine.

My music draws freely its inspiration from various currents and artists of ambient and electronic music, like Brian Eno, Harold Budd, early “Berlin School”, but also electro-acoustic and “modern classical” music

Location Paris, France
Genres Ambient Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental Soundscapes
Instruments Arp 2600 Tape Loops