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Rodrigo Coelho

Rodrigo Coelho aka grassmass, founder of brazilian abstract label UIVO, debuts under a new alias cøelho, exploring more immersive realms of sound. Conceived as a full composition without instruments per se, Six Sines draws inspiration on the entanglement of basic entities that forms utterly complex structures, be in natural or artificial systems – chaos theory, Conway’s Game of Life, the ancient game of Go and the works of Feigenbaum and Mandelbrot are correlated.

By the intermodulation of simple blocks – a particular set of six resonant filters, sine waves prone to be folded by and influence its siblings – cøelho outputs a natural sounding, malleable tapestry. The smallest movement affects everything – Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions.

The album asks for an immersive listening, better absorbed from tip to toe, on headphones or big systems.

Location São Paulo, Brazil
Labels Uivo Records
Genres Ambient Cinematic Experimental Soundscapes
Instruments Acoustic Instruments Eurorack VCV Rack