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Eliad Wagner

Eliad Wagner (b. 1979) is a composer, performer, sound artist and lecturer. A classically trained musician, holding academic degrees in physics and music, his activities explore the meeting point of composition and performance in electronic music while addressing thoughts on the vocabulary of electronic music, autonomous processes, intention and attention in audio culture, and people’s natural relationship with technology.

In 2012 Wagner relocated to Berlin, where he quickly became an active member of the city’s experimental music scene as a performer of live electronic music (playing the modular synthesizer). Since 2015, He is the head of the Electronic Music Production and Performance degree programme at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology in Berlin.
notable publications and presentations include Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), Guggemheim New York, Q-O2, Steim (NL), Rotterdam Film Festival, TU Berlin, UDK Berlin, Aarhus academy of music amongst others.

Location Berlin, Germany
Labels Modulisme Zarek Avant Whatever Must Die
Genres Concrete Electro-Acoustic Experimental Noise
Instruments Eurorack Serge