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Espaces Sonores

Bernard Reeb

Like a VCO, the non-professionnal life of Bernard Reeb oscillates between two poles : guitar (mainly classical guitar for which he has published original compositions) and electronic stuff (from the vintage MS-20 to VCV Rack). Last century, he worked on multitrack magnetic tapes, including scissors and adhesive tape. On DAW since 2000. His love for music and sound is very wide, from early baroque to current experimental, as listener and as musician. The releases on Bandcamp since 2012 are mainly ambient with different orientations : soundscapes, spacemusic, downtempo or more experimental, but always fairly quiet and poetic. He produces with passion mostly in studio at home, much more rarely in public : some ambient music concerts in places like churches, or a highlight in the opera of Nice (France) where he played live the Concerto for 100 metronomes by Ligeti with computer stuff accompagnied by a video from his wife, right after Mozart and Bruno Maderna. He also gave some lectures about electronic lutherie and the history of electronic music.

Location Mulhouse, France
Genres Ambient Electro-Acoustic Experimental Soundscapes
Instruments Field Recording Guitar VCV Rack