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Matthias Herrmann

Having a classic music education Matthias Herrmann came to electronic music when seeing Laurie Anderson’s first public appearance in German TV in the mid 80ies. Fascinated by her out-of-the-box-approach he bought his first synthesizer and never stopped creating music since then. But it was not until 2005 that he was able to buy his first synthesizer modules from Doepfer. Very soon he started to build his own modules and to sell PCBs for those interested in DIY. It was then when Ralf Hoffman invited him to collaborate and make the Serge modular synthesizer more easily available that Random*Source was born, and today Matthias works together with Ralf Hoffmann and Serge Tcherepnin himself to bring back this iconic and unique synthesizer in an improved and more contemporary form.

Location Wiesbaden, Germany
Genres Ambient Drone Electronica Experimental
Instruments Serge