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François Dumeaux

François Dumeaux (Rodez, 1978)
Experimental and traditionnal music, composition and improvisation, retrofuturistic arcaisms.

His music have been played – by him or somebody else – in the U.S.A. (Los Angeles, Chicago), Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Belgium (Espace du son Festival) and France (Futura Festival, Festival Exhibitronic, Audible Festival, Instants Chavirés, RIAM, SCRIME concerts, Alcôme, etc.). Some pieces where broadcasted on France Musique, France Culture and Radio Campus Paris. He won the SACEM prize and have been graduated by the Bordeaux Music Academy (C.N.R.) in the Christian Eloy and Christophe Havel’s electroacoustic composition class.

Finalist for the acousmatic composition competition Métamorphoses 2008, his piece have been released on the eponym V.A.Annette Vande Gorne invited him to compose « SRA » for the Bernard Parmegiani‘s 80th anniversary. From 2011 to 2016 he teached in the Bordeaux Music Academy (C.R.R.) electroacoustic composition class.

In the free improvisation and the live electronic fields, he played with Joan Francés Tisnèr, Nicolas Godin, Alain Cadeillan, Jakes Aymonino, Christian Vieussens, Peìre Boissière, Pôm Bouvier b., François Bessac, Prune Bécheau, Eva Darracq-Antesberger and in a few bands : [alveol], la familha Artús, Shapeless, la Theory du Reptil, etc.

He also realises radio art, documentaries, sonography for museums and soundtracks for plays, choreographies and movies.