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João Ceitil

João Ceitil is a composer and music producer based in the Netherlands. He has composed contemporary classical music for orchestra and ensemble. At this stage, he was recommended by the International Music Council, where he represented Portugal at the 62nd International Composers’ Rostrum. He also received the prize for best music in the Discovering Young Composer project, where he represented the green region, which includes Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland.

João Ceitil latest creations are more in the spectrum of ambient and experimental music. Especially after he entered the field of modular synthesisers. A relevant aspect is the connection and translation of aspects of nature in João Ceitil’s music. Somehow nature is itself a cycle of interactions that affect each other. João Ceitil has been exploring this idea of interaction in modular systems through feedback loops.

He has been influenced by concepts of cybernetics. He discovered in modular systems a fertile harbour to explore such ideals, conceiving circuits capable of organising themselves and diversifying the sound form by slightly altering the parameters.

Location The Hague, Netherlands
Genres Ambient Concrete Electronica Experimental Noise Soundscapes
Instruments Eurorack Make Noise