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Julien Palomo

Voltage, that bare expression (expressiveness?) of electricity, is a sound of nature, a lifeform in itself, to freely quote Pr. Paulo Motta. When you delve deep in electronics, you don’t look at the global picture of human ideas, languages, social organizations, the bullshit; you peer at the atoms interweaving, doing their thing, a wrong move and they overcome you, little teases. Focus on the details. Study the microcosm, and you will get closer to the real design, and its chances. The rest, again, is a pile of more or less useless structural rubbish. I have faith in something smaller.

Electronic experimental music is a childhood dream come true. I am a former free jazz producer and have tried to bring this freedom (within certain laws) to the life synthetic, under the influence of Alan Silva, Conrad Schnitzler, MEV, Jean-Marc Foussat,… without being necessarily true to their word. Traces of noise and chaos, Radigue and Penderecki, AndrĂ© Stordeur… Raw materials, texture, timbre: the Universe, Nature, the All, God, whatever you call it, is first and foremost a continuum, and by insisting on long-form compositions, I want to reflect that. Sometimes I will cull a chunk that makes sense to me.

Frequent collaborators include Michel Kristof (in Other Matter), Fabien Robbe, Skoddie (in Androchist). Projects and good memories with Christine Webster, Henri Roger, Vincent Eoppolo, Vinnie Paternostro and Jay Reeve (United Slaves), Philippe Neau, Sato-San. Debuted on record with Sonny Simmons, not a mean feat. Should have quit by then, probably.