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Kai Niggemann

KAI NIGGEMANN (HE/HIS) is soundartist and from Cologne, Germany. He began to create electroacoustic music in the 1990s, as part of the band RESONATOR. He was founding member of one of the world’s earliest network based laptop orchestras, EBE (European Bridges Ensemble) in the early 2000 for nearly ten years. He has been composing music for theater, dance and other performing arts since well over 20 years.

He is a member of the team of artistic directors for the theater/performance production company PARADEISER PRODUCTIONS, member of the slightly insane very large Jazz/noise/Kraut ensemble THE DORF. He has toured and performed in Germany, all over Europe, the USA and Japan. Currently he employs a deeply personal approach to creating a poetically abstract music using his 200e Buchla Electric Music Box, often together with voices, acoustic instruments, vintage drum machines, tape and other loops or his personal archive of field recordings from 25+ years.

He releases vinyls, CDs and tapes on his own WAF80music imprint as well as on other labels (Ante Rasa, Ana Ott, Kalakuta Soul, Voidstar, Umland Records, Buchla USA…). He has a teaching assignment for sound design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany and is father of a 4 year old daughter.

(photo credits : Nina Gschlößl)

Location Cologne, Germany
Genres Electro-Acoustic Experimental Noise Soundscapes
Instruments Buchla 200 Buchla Music Easel