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Thomas Burkhardt

LIN/LOG was established in 2010 by Thomas Burkhardt and is both music project and label for his genuine sound. Thomas is working in the field of film production and post production, often developing sound designs for animated visuals.

Grown up with Techno music LIN/LOG wants to preserve its roots but aims to go way beyond typical grid based compositions. All pieces are made with unique concepts in mind reaching from performing and recording at strange places to twisted conceptual works – all done by hand and with love for the craft.

The modular system is divided into two sections: The studio system controlled by Genoqs Octopus sequencer as its heart and the separated live system for improvisations and projects on the road.

His personal goal is to create the most complex sonic sculptures from the most simple and primitive sources.

Location Frankfurt, Germany
Labels LIN/LOG
Genres Ambient Electronica Experimental IDM Noise Techno
Instruments Eurorack Field Recording