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Mat Watson

Mathew Watson is a Melbourne based artist focussed on the exploration of electronic sound and the drumset. He has an extensive list of past and ongoing artist collaborations, and has performed at arts festivals, music festivals, galleries and theatres across Australia, Japan and the USA.

Watson’s journey into the world of abstract sound started as a childhood fascination with the sound of blood pulsing audibly through his eardrums (visualised as giants dancing on his eardrums and trains racing through the family home). This early awareness of sound as an experiential sensation became the template for future artistic explorations as a drummer and sound artist.

Watson has established a highly personal approach to performance, composition and improvisation as a solo artist and collaborator over the past two decades, covering a vast spectrum of sound, style and form. He has released three solo albums focussed on the EMS Synthi Aks and Buchla 200/e systems, and three albums under the name Other Places (It Records). He was a member of drone group Taipan Tiger Girls, has moonlighted with Bronx legends E.S.G and performed in several large scale Boredoms BoaDrum performances in Australia and Japan.

Photo by Kristoffer Paulsen

Location Australia
Genres Experimental
Instruments Buchla 200