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Matthias Puech

Matthias Puech is a musician, programmer, researcher and teacher born in Paris in 1983. Member of INA GRM as a research and development scientist, and assistant Professor in Computer Science, he nourishes a dual interest for natural phenomena, especially evolutionary biology, and the mathematical and computational concepts that let us apprehend our world. Interpreting “ambient” and “noise” in their original sense, his compositions intend to disturb the distinction between sound synthesis and field recording, transporting the listener amidst imaginary ecosystems, fruits of the symbiotic relationship of the machine to its environment. Matthias Puech designs his own instruments using unique synthesis algorithms inspired by physics and biology; he collaborates with manufacturers of modular synthesizers who market his creations.

Location Paris, France
Labels Hands in the Dark Hylé Tapes Panatype Hisolat Records
Genres Ambient Experimental
Instruments Eurorack Field Recording