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Joe Lodge

Mekema makes minimal, lo-fi electronic ambient and experimental sounds using modular synths, open-source electronics and other idiosyncratic devices. Field recordings and found sound are transformed and rearranged to create new sonic spaces. Working with sound to explore context and emergent properties through repetition in structure and motifs, and by re-contextualising ambient sound, performances and sound works endeavour to create changes in perception.

Process is fundamental to the sound of the project – asynchronous loopers and autogenerated melodic fragments are used to create complex and evolving patterns – feedback patches of analogue equipment explore the boundaries of grace and chaos – poly rhythmic phasing explores the pulsing interaction between frequencies. The project is guided by the pursuit of minimalism.

Location Brisbane Meanjin, Australia
Genres Ambient Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental
Instruments Eurorack Lorre Mill Monome Nord Modular