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Noémi Büchi

Noémi Büchi is a Zürich based composer studying Electroacoustic Composition at the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Searching for beauty in music as a feeling of sensual and intellectual euphoria, she is especially interested in rhythmic structures and the phenomenon of repetition in its most diverse facets. Her process of composing consists in creating structures that are both very simple and complex. She is inspired by the formal simplicity of traditional African and Indian music, with its unaltered repetition of periods of equal length – like the uniform pearls of a necklace – contrasting sharply with the internal structures of these periods, creating an extraordinary degree of complexity through the simultaneous superimposition of different rhythmic patterns.

She’s interested in subtle and fine sounds and try to create as clean and transparent timbres as possible, gradually changing over repetitive patterns, in a slow and minimal way.

With her first EP Matière, her latest focus lies on the topic of rhythms and how to differentiate this rhythmic work with different materials, different timbres. Through this work she is also interested in the idea of how to bring music from the non-academic world into the strict domain of the music academy. She is interested in how these hierarchies can be dissolved and how a kind of universal music, despite its experimental character, can be realized, moving a wide range of souls and integrate a certain freshness into the rigor of the academic world. Here, she has new projects in mind to explore and reintegrate archaic rhythmics with acoustic percussion instruments combined with electronics and modular synthesizer(s). Influences from both classical, especially impressionistic and folkloristic music serve as an important source of inspiration.

“Rhythm has the ability to make complex musical ideas accessible”

Location Zürich, Switzerland
Labels Light of Other Days
Genres Experimental
Instruments Eurorack Field Recording