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Onyx Zones

Alexander Green (Boddika)

Alexander Green aka ‘Onyx Zones’ started writing and releasing music in the late 90’s.He has had recognition/success within electronic music as one half of Instra:mental, and Boddika. Over the past 6 years his interest in analogue modular synthesis has grown into obsession. At this moment in time, he is writing music using Serge, Make Noise and Cwejman modular systems.

Onyx Zones does not focus on anything particular. The music (nine times out of ten) is multi-tracked live, with no edits. His fascination with folklore, forests, sci-fi and surrealism will bleed into what gets recorded. For this project, the only common denominators are modular synthesis and analogue dynamics.

Location London, UK
Genres Ambient Experimental IDM
Instruments Cwejman Eurorack Make Noise Serge