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Parallel Worlds

Bakis Sirros

Parallel Worlds’ music is a combination of dreamy/atmospheric textures with pure analogue electronic rhythms and sequences, combining the feel of 70s electronic music with modern electronica and ambient music. For Parallel Worlds, melody is essential, but most important is emotional context. Bakis’ tracks try to reach to the listener’s heart and mind.

Parallel Worlds use huge Analogue Modulars and Analogue Step Sequencers of the past and present combined with digital FM and virtual analogue synths and sampling.

Parallel Worlds live is Bakis Sirros & John Siros. During all these years, Parallel Worlds have played live also, participating in the E-PHOS electronic music festival in summer of 2001, Bios, Club22 (2nd Summer in the city Festival), Music Day Festival, Small Music Theatre, Synch Festival, Earthdance, Reworks and in many other greek venues.

Bakis Sirros has also collaborated so far with Italian ambient master Alio Die, UK electronic music master Ian Boddy, UK electronic musician and music professor Dave Bessell (of the group ‘Node’) and also he has formed an IDM / electronica / experimental project called Interconnected with Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette) and an Ambient / experimental project called Memory Geist with Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission, Guild Of Fire, etc.)

Bakis Sirros has also teached Synthesizer Programming at an (after-high-school) public learning institution and also instructed a Workshop on Analogue Modular Synthesis in Synch Festival 2008.

Location Athens, Greece
Labels DiN Móatún 7
Genres Ambient Cinematic Electronica
Instruments Eurorack Serge