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Pat Moonchy

Pat Moonchy is a unique singer/musician whose work is well worth exploring for any listener seriously interested in experimental music as well as underground music.

In 1994 she opened The Moonshine Pub, an alternative-artsy place run until 2015. There she tried to help find visuality for underground creativity: Moonchy’s interest in art is an integral part of her persona and a necessary corollary of her commitment to unconventional music culture promotion.Operating as dj resident was mixing with a style of her own ‘60-’70 psych, UK IDM, and kraut-rock becoming a kind of lighthouse for the enthusiastic listener.

Since 2010 Pat Moonchy is performing solo live sets with electronic equipment, some designed or modified at her request. It’s unconventional analog synthesis, though oscillators are present the sound generation is not “linear” and a great deal of it is created by sensitive manipulation of the knobs.
Sound art, always articulated with an intuitive, organic approach, has become a major area of her development: learning the Theremin technique from Barbara Buchholz and purchasing a Persephone (a ribbon controlled synthesizer) were the first steps, followed by the inclusion in her array of electroacoustic devices.

In 2015 after twenty one years The Moonshine closed but Moonchy didn’t stop and moved to Berlin, where founded the current project Sothiac. The band scored the release of two album, touring EU, Japan with 16 gigs and across China by train from north to Hong Kong, including a performance in the Manchurian capital Harbin, the first exhibition there of an European act.
Moonchy is exploring new trajectories in her intertwined use of voice as instrument and of the electronics, successfully integrating “noisicianism” into her language.

The solo efforts and collaborations of Pat Moonchy are rising in number, eclecticism and importance. Among them, a consolidated association with U.S. musician/producer Todd Tobias as Moonchy & Tobias duo.

The music of Pat Moonchy is what is beyond Alice’s door, a sonic world where avant-garde and underground are amalgamated and a sense of surprise mushrooms everywhere the ears stretch out.

Fabio Limido

Studio Setup : Electro-acoustic devices, Eurorack, Various Synths, Voice

Location Milano, Italy & London, UK
Labels self-produced
Genres Ambient Drone Electro-Acoustic Noise
Instruments Eurorack Voice