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Potar Anar

Potar Anar‘s work is dedicated to the present moment, to movement.
It’s a constant improvisation that leaves room for the unexpected, for encounters.

Born in Lille in 1980 in the North of France, as a kid, he already manufactured small electronic installations. A strong electric shock marked his childhood forever. This moment of floating remains etched, pushing him to understand this force: the movement of the free electron, the charge. After half-life as a show technician, he discovers the shaping of metal, fusion and that characteristic little plasma around the hot spot.

“Reprendre la machine”

Electrician, heat engineer, welder, mason, musician, carpenter, the art of shaping motivates him to discover materials, by practicing, by constantly learning, by exchanging techniques and knowledge. He takes a material look, using all the tools available, sometimes diverting them from their initial use. After twenty years of sound synthesis, he now brings together all of these knowledge and techniques in the art of manipulating movement, from the oscillator to the oscilloscope, from the idea to the image, to sound and touch.

Tribute to curiosity.

Location Lille, France
Genres Concrete Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental Noise Soundscapes Techno Vector Synthesis Video Synthesis
Instruments Circuit Bending DIY Eurorack Field Recording Guitar LZX Industries Make Noise Moog Serge