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Rafael Timoner

Rafael Timoner is working on visual arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and video installations, under a minimalist and conceptual style, and for more than 30 years. With numerous exhibitions, individual and collective, in Spain and in many other countries. His art works are present in numerous public and private art collections, with some sculptures installed in public spaces in Spain.

Working Since 2012 and experimenting with sound, at first with software and virtual synthesizers and plugins, later with semi-modular, and finally discovering the universe of eurorack and modular synthesis.

After three years of experimentation, learning, and selection, he has set up his own system based on eurorack modules.

His system is based on Serge Eurorack R*S, Catalyst Audio Bucha Serie 100, and Verbos Electronics, whose versatility allows him to develop and create new sonic proposals.

Actually experimenting in sound and video synthesis.

Location Spain
Genres Experimental IDM
Instruments Buchla 100 Eurorack Serge