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Sarah Belle Reid

Sarah Belle Reid is a performer-composer who plays trumpet, modular synthesizer, and an ever-growing collection of handcrafted electronic instruments. Her unique musical voice explores the intersections between contemporary classical music, experimental and interactive electronics, visual arts, noise music, and improvisation.

Often praised for her ability to transport audience members through vivid sonic adventures, Reid’s sonic palette has been described as ranging from “graceful” and “danceable” all the way to “silk-falling-through-space,” and “pit-full-of-centipedes” (San Francisco Classical Voice). Her most recent EP for trumpet, flugelhorn, voice, electronics, and household objects, titled “MASS”, was released in March, 2021.

Location California, USA
Genres Electro-Acoustic Experimental
Instruments Buchla 200 DIY Eurorack Serge Trumpet Voice