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Sarah Terral

Clément Vercelletto

Le ménisque original is Clément Vercelletto‘s (Orgue Agnès, k a u m w a l d, Arlt, Les Sciences Naturelles, Tape Ensemble) first solo album under the Sarah Terral moniker.

The album was composed and played with a very small modular synthesizer in order to remain instinctive and minimal.

Sarah Terral: Modular synthesizer
Composed, recorded and played by Clément Vercelletto between August 2019 and January 2020 in Paris.
Artwork: Johann Nöhles
Graphic design and typography: Valentin Bigel
Mastering: Julien Grandjean
portrait © Lucas Grisinelli

Location Paris, France
Labels Three:Four Records Opal Tapes In Paradisum
Genres Concrete Experimental Noise
Instruments Eurorack