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Sarc (Emre Sarigöl) comes from Istanbul, Turkey and is currently based in Zürich, Switzerland. Since an early age he has been engaged in improvised musical practices as a bass player and middle eastern instruments. Having a keen interest in electronics and computer science, he stepped into the world of synthesizers and modular electronics which lead him to develop his style combining microtonal music and electroacoustic improvisation, and explores rhythmic, harmonic or atonal patterns by use of analog synths and acoustic instruments that intervene and mix into one another in noisier and quieter ways.

He started performing actively since founding the duo fezayafirar together with f:rar (melih sar) in 2012. He is currently active in the improved and electronic music scenes mainly in Switzerland, and is working in collaboration with labels such as Attenuation Circuit (Augsburg) and Endtitles (Zürich).

Location Zürich, Switzerland
Labels Endtitles Attenuation Circuit
Genres Electro-Acoustic Experimental Soundscapes
Instruments Eurorack Moog