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Séthi One

Séthi One‘s musical journey is the result of several years of work in the studio, through punk-rock, punk-hardcore, techno, electro and progressive influences. Séthi1 played bass, drums and vocals, but it is with the machines that since 1995 the “electro” course was born. First Akai sampler, first drum machine and first MOOG synthesizer gave birth to the composer and the taste for the creation of the creation of electronic music. With soundtracks for video promos and communication production partnerships, acoustic and/or electro-acoustic research and of course electronic, melodic and percussive synthesis…

This musical ensemble shared in dark Techno ambiences, makes sense in a man/machine environment: this is the birth of the Séthi One universe.

In the recent news there are several tracks available on all streaming platforms…

Location Toulouse, France
Genres Electronica Techno
Instruments DIY Eurorack Field Recording Make Noise Moog Tape Loops VCV Rack