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Silent Noise Revolution

Jan De Block

Silent Noise Revolution – Fragile piano on a bed of abstract noise.
Silent Noise Revolution is a project of belgian composer/sounddesigner Jan De Block

After a long journey of composing for TV, commercials and film, and writing/producing songs with singers, Jan got bored by browsing presets and libraries, and finally discovered modular synthesizers. A lot of the modules he’s using are built or designed by himself.

Silent Noise Revolution started in 2016, and was soon picked up in the annual Piano Day Playlist by Nils Frahm.
In 2021 he released a vinyl album “Insides” on label BelgianNeumusik.

Being passioned about modular synthesizers, Jan is also the founder of modular404, a label dedicated to strict modular tracks of 404 seconds.

Location Opwijk, Belgium
Genres Ambient Cinematic Electro-Acoustic Neo-Classical
Instruments Circuit Bending DIY Eurorack Piano