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Strotter Inst. – Peter Vukmirovic Stevens

BILE NOIRE by Strotter Inst. and Peter Vukmirovic Stevens is a new album from Arpaviva which brings together piano and electronic music in an innovative and unparalleled combination. Strotter Inst. creates a complete sound world using his unique arrangement of modified turntables as percussion instruments, while concert music composer Peter Vukmirovic Stevens creates original piano compositions to create a blending of atmospheres for this most unusual duet.

Part musical instrument, part performance art installation, these turntables / instruments juxtaposed with acoustic piano compositions reflects the combination of two different mindsets.

BILE NOIRE (as referenced in the works of Baudelaire) is a term from ancient folk medicine — it is the 4th “humour,” the source of all melancholy. The album starts with a melancholic atmosphere and builds with intensity, like Ravel’s Bolero, to a climactic finale.

Location Paris, France
Labels Arpaviva
Genres Electro-Acoustic Experimental
Instruments Piano Turntables