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The Electrokit

Franck Berthoux

Being a show business professional for more than 20 years, Franck Berthoux has always navigated between sound engineer and musician.

Training on the ground within various municipal structures (La Maison de la Danse and Les Subsistances de Lyon), he created his own recording studio in 1998 (Mix’Up) and made it his laboratory. After numerous experiences in technical management and the creation of sound universes (Emmanuel Meirieu, David Moccelin), he became a freelancer in 2003 and notably joined the Grame team.

Musician in the group Jade, he produced, recorded and mixed a first EP in 2004 “Fresh air”, then the album “Analog” in 2006. He also collaborates with various artists, taking charge of their sound production. In 2008 he moved to Paris, and thus extended his network of collaborations between Paris (IRCAM) and Lyon, from performing arts to contemporary music, including current music, and the sound and musical illustration of multimedia supports.

His meeting with Lucie Antunes will propel him to the front of the stage, swapping his sound engineer costume for that of a musician.

After a year of collaborative work and concerts with Lucie on her “Sergeï” project (InFine/CryBaby), the Covid comes to put a sudden halt to their tour. Confined to the family home with wife and children in the middle of the Loire, Franck decides to take advantage of this time and this isolation. He embarked on writing and producing his first album and surrounded himself with professionals: Martin Antiphon (MusicUnit) mixing and mastering the album, Laurent Pandin (Judolo Production) directing the clip “Pleasure Dome”. .

Ten weeks and a successful crowdfunding campaign will have been enough for this opus to see the light of day. On the program, a personal and intimate variation of 33 minutes and 7 titles around modulation. By placing, like a monolith, the legendary modular synthesizer from Roland “System 100M” at the center of his creative process, Franck creates the cement of his album.

A sketch and a tribute to modular synthesis, at a time when our laptops are full of resources and thousands of sounds. As a sort of counterpoint to a time when high technology comes to interfere in every corner of our lives. A journey through time that is both nostalgic and necessary, bringing together a certain idea of ​​music in the face of a world that is constantly accelerating. Like a breath.

Location Pouilly les Feurs (42) , France
Genres Ambient Cinematic Electronica
Instruments Eurorack Roland System 100M