The Galaxy Electric

The Galaxy Electric are American retro-futurists experimenting with psychedelic pop from the space age and around the globe. A self-taught sound engineer, Augustus mans the static-emitting machines that allow Jacqueline’s lounge-inspired vocal machinations to soar. Dedicated to creating a better tomorrow, The Galaxy Electric are committed to a DIY aesthetic that focuses on a sustainable approach.

Outdated technologies find new life in their hands, otherwise laid up in a landfill. Their music is more than the sound you hear, it is a way of being that respects Earth and all living things. We are, after all, simply stardust.

Their newest album Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday features recordings performed live, and fully improvised to 1/4” analog tape, in the automatic style of surrealists from the turn of the 20th Century, like Joan Miró and André Breton featuring Buchla Music Easel, Buchla 200, Korg Delta and Mellotron sounds. They also host a podcast and Facebook Group dedicated to Early Electronic Music Pioneers called Cosmic Tape Music Club.