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Tom Djll

1977-9: Tom Djll Studies on piano and the EMS Synthi 100 at Colorado College as well as sessions with AACM master teachers at the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York.

1980-84: built a 4-panel Serge Modular Music System from kits. Used primarily for live performance until 1998. Can be heard mainly as a sequencer-controller for live-sampling on MUTOOTATOR, Electro-Ecstatic, and more of a noisemaker on From Outhouse to Icehouse (all on Bandcamp). In 2016 Other Minds’ Modern Hits netlabel released SERGE WORKS, which gathers together some of the better examples of this early work. Every track save one also features trumpet sounds.

1991: Attended first Deep Listening Workshop at Rose Mountain with Pauline Oliveros. Graduated with a ‘Deeploma’

1993-5: Studied at Mills College CCM, graduating MFA.

2012-2014: began using circuit-bent gear in live performance. Took a 2-day hardware hacking workshop with Nic Collins in San Francisco. Performed at The Stone in NYC using bent SK-1 in September 2012, solo and with Tim Perkis and Andrew Drury.

Spring 2013: began composing/compiling hackMIDI, an album of short pieces where a Yamaha digital piano is controlled by a bent Yamaha Keytar via seriously messed up MIDI signals.

2014-present: Dove into Eurorack modular synthesizer world. Played many live shows in USA and Europe (in 2017) with Gino Robair. Added back Serge in 2018, along with Bugbrand and Hordijk gear.