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Valentin Rocher

Valentin Rocher is an electronic music producer based in Brussels, placing live at the center of his creations. He started having fun with his first grooveboxes in the 2000s. He continues to work in the early 2010’s exclusively on hardware, always attracted by the direct access and sound manipulation that this allows.

In 2013, he started the live project Silicon Vallée, with Fausto, and practiced on stage with a resolutely Acid Techno House sound. At the same time, he discovers the endless universe of modular synthesizers.

Fascinated by the hypnotic power and physicality of the sound they produce, he explores his instrument in search of the accident, playing with the digressions it allows. He distorts the sound by hand with sensitivity. Surprise and the unexpected are the driving forces behind his playing and his compositions. He takes us generously into his soundscapes where we walk around with curiosity.

Location Brussel, Belgium
Labels Modular 404 Machine ouverte
Genres Ambient Experimental Noise Techno
Instruments Eurorack