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Laurent Perrier

This is the third album by Laurent Perrier’s “Pylône”, Laurent’s experimental electro-acoustic project. Entirely composed and performed with modular synthesisers, it consists of 2 long tracks stretching across each side of the LP. Side A: “A jamais” was produced with the writings and sampled voice of multimedia artist Lyne Vermes. Her words are dissolved into a stream of digital treatments, creating new textures, long waves. With the use of granular synthesis it stretches out only to end up in sharp ruptures, making it an absorbing and dramatic listening experience. Side B, “Ping” was produced solely by triggering a twinpeak filter by Epoch Modular. Using a similar process to “A Jamais”. however, the result is more minimal, organic and focused on details. It delivers a fascinating audio puzzle.

Laurent Perrier started playing music at the age of 15 as a drummer / singer in some local Punk bands. In1986 he joined the French industrial rock band Nox + started a label called Odd Size records (with releases of P16D4, Illusion Of Safety, Marcus Schmickler, POL, Asmus Tietchens, Thomas Dimuzio…). In 1990 Odd Size became a record store specializing in industrial, noise, ambient, deviant rock, new music, rock in opposition, experimental… As well as a mail-order catalog and the main source in France for those of us willing to follow those scenes. In parallel Laurent was releasing solo using various aliases: Cape Fear, Zonk’t, Heal, Pylône. Around 2000, he started working for dance, theater, performance, contemporary art and sound design and today he also teaches Modular Synthesis…

Location Paris, France
Genres Ambient IDM
Instruments Eurorack