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To keep our virus spreading Modulisme is relayed thru the following alleys:

  • The great webzine FreQ from UK has offered to relay our platform. Meaning that whenever we have a session released their chief editor Richard Fontenoy will also feature a variation online…
  • The great Italian webzine The New Noise has offered to relay our platform. Meaning that their chief editor Fabrizio Garau will feature an Italian variation of our sessions on a regular basis…
  • Tuesday: 8 PM on L’EKO des Garrigues FM that emits all over Montpellier and suburbs.
  • Wednesdays in the evening CAMP emitting all over the U.K.
  • Sundays at 9PM on JET FM which emits all over Nantes and its suburbs.
  • On Friday 11.30pm (repeated Thursday 8am) Resonance FM out of London.
  • On Friday at Midnight via College Radio Campus Grenoble, all over Grenoble and suburbs.
  • Saturday at Noon thru Radio Panik, 105,4 in Bruxelles
  • Once a month Icarus FM is featuring a session via his program on in Gent, Belgium
  • On Sundays our radio show at 6 PM + Everyday from 6 to 7 PM extracts of each session thru Modular-Station.

Furthermore Modulisme and Modular-Station have associated since I am deeply involved with the radio and both our structures work in the same direction: promoting Modular Synthesis ! Doing so we complete each other even further and benefit from each other’s contacts and infrastructure. Together we’ll build a larger network.

2021 will be the year since we ❤ Modular!