Philippe Petit
The artistic choices are made by Philippe Petit, who has been supporting left field music since 1983 (animating radio programs, editing ‘zines + running his labels Pandemonium Rdz. and BiP_HOp Music).
Feeling lucky to release on several international labels he likes to be introduced as a « Musical-Travel-Agent » and has been performing all over Europe, Russia, Poland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia & Asia…

For me music comes in terms of magic, you know that there is a trick but it doesn’t matter how it is done, if the illusion becomes visible the magic delusion is no longer interesting, the illusion works if the composer-magician and his audience want to play along.
All that we hear never corresponds to the reality of the sound, it is a question of aural trickery: «Earlusionnism»!

Yan Proefrock
Founder, administrator & artistic director of Modular-Station.
Video director and editor specialised on live music shows for the french television he learned classical piano quite young and started buying gear in the 80’s. He discovered modular synthesiser in 2016 and became totally addicted to it.
Eurorack was a starting point, he dived into DIY and circuit designs. Meeting Serge Tcherepnin and discovering the Serge system has been a trigger and a revolution for his way of thinking and making music.
Under the alias PRFRK he likes to think outside the box.

Guillaume Amen
Cédric Languin
Guillaume Amen a.k.a Idées Chauves has been active as a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 1999. His passion for music leads him to create lots of printed materials for musicians. He designed our logo and artworks for our collections completing I.T.A.T.I.O.M.
Cédric LH, aka CLH, aka L3DLP a creative hacker who helped create the platform and worked on designing its first 30 sessions.

Bas Mantel is designing our Reciprocess series… See his page please:

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To keep our virus spreading Modulisme is relayed thru the following alleys:

  • A special 2 year birthday mix is featured on DUBLAB Radio from Los-Angeles…
  • The great webzine FreQ from UK has offered to relay our platform. Meaning that whenever we have a session released their chief editor Richard Fontenoy will also feature a variation online…
  • Printed every three months Modular Music Magazine from Berlin features a variation of some of our Sessions…
  • Sunday: 8 PM on Campus & City Radio St. Pölten that emits all over Vienna, Austria and suburbs.
  • Every Monday, 5p.m. Station Essence Radio that emits all over Bordeaux, and suburbs.
  • Tuesday: 11 AM (Canadian time) on Rado Bloc Oral that emits all over Montreal and Canada.
  • Tuesday: 8 PM on L’EKO des Garrigues FM that emits all over Montpellier and suburbs.
  • Tuesdays from 4 to 5 PM on Worm Radio that emits all over Rotterdam and other parts of The Netherlands.
  • Wednesdays in the evening CAMP emitting all over the U.K.
  • Every Friday 11:30pm + repeat on Saturdays 12:30am (United Kingdom Time) Resonance FM out of London.
  • On Friday 11PM Pacific Time KOWS 92,5 FM from California.
  • Fridays at Midnight via College Radio Campus Grenoble, all over Grenoble and suburbs.
  • On Friday and Saturday TESLA FM all over Barcelona and suburbs.
  • On Friday 12 and 6 PM RADIO ARTE all over Italia.
  • Saturday at Noon thru Radio Panik, 105,4 in Brussels.
  • Sundays at 9PM on JET FM which emits all over Nantes and its suburbs.
  • Once a month Icarus FM is featuring a session via his program on in Gent, Belgium
  • Bi monthly, in collaboration with Stelios Giannoulakis, Movement Radio airs our selections all over Athens, Greece…
  • On Sundays our radio show at 6 PM + Everyday from 6 to 7 PM extracts of each session thru Modular-Station.
  • Once a month Trans+Future Radio is featuring a session
  • Every Monday 2 p.m. EST (-5 UTC) WAVE FARM’s WGXC 90.7-FM Radio for Open Ears in New York’s Upper Hudson Valley is broadcasting our Sessions + Early ElectroMIX series…
  • A second special 2 year birthday mix is featured on DUBLAB Radio from Los-Angeles…
      Furthermore Modulisme and Modular-Station have associated since I am deeply involved with the radio and both our structures work in the same direction: promoting Modular Synthesis !
      Doing so we complete each other even further and benefit from each other’s contacts and infrastructure. Together we’ll build a larger network.

      2021 will be the year since we ❤ Modular!