Modulisme 106

Reciprocess 07

Cover Art : BAS MANTEL / Conception - Layout : P. Petit

Reciprocess is about collaborating!

A series featuring the work(s) of two or more sound-designers and documenting the process of musical reciprocality between them and this is our seventh entry.

(NA)+(TH) is Jean-Marie Lusinchi (Noise Affinity) and Thierry Holweck(TH).

The writing process for « Scratching The Surface » began with Thierry experimenting with sounds on his Serge System and sometimes playing modified acoustic sounds in his Morphagene.
These recordings served as a basis for Jean-Marie, who was free to arrange and add his own spices.
The two got together a few time to discuss the arrangements, the coherence of the artistic journey, and finalise the project.

Our proposal is to describe imaginary places that sometimes evolve in real time, highly visual, contemplative environments charged with emotion, often melancholy.

La planète vide (The Empty Planet)
In the depths of an ethereal cosmos, an empty planet floats, lost in the meanders of the imaginary. Its entirety extends beyond the limits of human perception, evoking unsuspected dimensions. The contours of reality merge with abstract thought, creating an ethereal tableau where time and space intertwine in a dreamlike dance.
At the heart of this suspended world, a singular harmony reigns, where every silence resonates like an enigma. This is the place where the boundaries between the tangible and the illusory become blurred, where dreams come to life and the spirit escapes into the infinite.

The jungle is a symphony of life in eternal motion.
Insects in shimmering colours scurry across the velvety leaves, their glistening wings brushing the muggy air. Among the foliage, exotic animals hide, spying on us with their bright eyes piercing the darkness. Sinuous snakes glide silently by, monkeys swinging in the treetops to the rhythm of insects. So many sounds from the lush vegetation enveloping everything in a mysterious aura. In the distance, the noise of humans and their destructive machines mingle with the tribal music of the indigenous people. In this oasis of greenery, time seems suspended in a permanent symphony, witnessing the battle between an ancestral, poetic world and the harshness of human mechanics.

Les jardins de banlieue (Suburban Gardens)
In the suburban gardens nestled between the buildings, in the heart of the grey, cold streets, children wander around happily. They are the butterflies of the pavements, the explorers of the parks. Their voices echo like a symphony in the air. Games and dreams take flight, light as feathers. The benches welcome the whispered secrets of friends. The sounds of children create a soft, colourful harmony that emerges from this universe of rough geometric shapes.

L’usine fantastique (The Fantastic Factory)
A visit to the fantastic factory, where rhythm is a strange symphony where machines dance to the sound of mathematical calculations.
The gears turn in a hypnotic rhythm, creating a singular harmony of friction and movement. Each cog is a note in this composition, where logic mingles with imagination. Mathematical equations intertwine with ethereal vapours, forming complex patterns. It’s a strange ballet where reality and imagination merge, and no one knows what they’re building in this fantastic factory.

La cathédrale de l’aube (The Dawn Cathedral)
In that Cathedral the start of the new day is marked by a deep melancholy.
Sounds echo from the stained glass windows, shadows stretch out slowly, caressing the stone vaults in an ode to the emerging light. The stained glass windows radiate soft, warm tones, like a last sigh of splendour. A gentle melody echoes between the age-old pillars, filled with nostalgia as the sounds of impatient humans begin to echo outside.
It’s a timeless moment when the soul is lulled by the softness of dawn, in a place imbued with the ephemeral essence of light and the melody of time as it passes, while the sound of material frenzy finally penetrates and signifies the closing of the Cathedral of Dawn until the following day.

In the harbour, reflections shine on the shimmering waters, lulling the moored boat into a gentle marine symphony created by the gentle breeze in the shrouds. The sound of intertwining metal cables adds a singular cadence to this chaotic symphony. The wind picks up, the activity of the sailors accelerates, the shocks become more intense, making the taut sails whistle. In the hold, the movements of the sea resound, punctuated by the irregular surf against the hull causing muffled shocks and creaks. Gales alternate with calmer moments as the movement of the boat, guided by the sailor, harmonises with that of the waves.

Jean-Marie Lusinchi (Noise Affinity) : Erica Synth Black synth, Lyra 8, MC303, Tongue Drum, plastic bottle and other acoustic sounds.

Jean-Marie trained as a classical pianist, with a predisposition for Bach and Bartok.
He met Thierry in high school, and in the 80s both played in several rock bands together.
His work as a scientist led him to live in New York in the early 90s, where he became interested in electronic music and bought his first synthesizers.
Today, he is a music therapist and works as a researcher in a university setting. At the same time, he recently set up the LUZ&KI rec. label, focusing on experimental music.

Thierry Holweck (TH): Serge modular SSG, DUSG, NTO, PCO, VQCF, N COM and Morphagene filled with acoustic sounds.

Thierry Holweck was also trained as a classical pianist, with a penchant for contemporary classical music, particularly Satie and Debussy.
He soon turned to guitar and synthesizers, playing in Les Plaies Mobiles with Jean-Marie, then Garlic Frog Diet, before moving into electronic music under the pseudonym Severin24, which led him to export to the USA. In 2005, he met Kathy Compton, with whom he formed the electro-pop group Panda Transport. The group’s music has been used in TV shows and documentaries, including Grey’s Anatomy and BH90210. Thierry teaches guitar and M.A.O., collaborates in musicology research and regularly gives concerts and developp residences with others artists in psychiatric institute.

Reciprocess is documenting the process of reciprocity !
A series based on collaborations. Some of us collaborating with other from our Modulisme community…
Giving a new life to the series initiated in the early 2000s on my defunct label BiP_HOp, in collaboration with Fällt Publishing.

Bas Mantel is in charge of designing cover artworks… See his page please:

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