Modulisme 087

Reciprocess 05

Cover Art : BAS MANTEL / Conception - Layout : P. Petit

Reciprocess is about collaborating!
A series featuring the work(s) of two or more sound-designers and documenting the process of musical reciprocality between them and this is our fifth entry.
Allow me to remind you of the previous ones by Control Voltage Therapy (Session 052) ; Pax-Art Ensemble (Session 055) ; Klauss (Session 061) and W.E.B. (Session 067).

A couple of years ago when occurred the idea to initiate the series I immediately felt the urge to cross my universe with that of Doug Lynner.
Appreciating his minimalist use of scales as a unifying compositional element and his style of Modular Tonalism, showing his desire to find his own way of « thinking outside the synth » while being a genuine pioneer of the Serge instrument.
To vary the colours I decided to record some bases playing some differnt synthesizers, starting with the Buchla 200 + the AKS from EMS and “Thrilling Pathways” started to breathe…
Philippe Petit – 01/05/2023

Collaborating remotely by exchanging tracks offers a unique set of pleasures and difficulties. On the pleasure side, how else could I collaborate with a good friend like Philippe Petit who is so far away.
On the challenge side, while reactionary composition is a love of mine, I usually do it with poetry or film. In the pure music world it isn’t the most common format for me.
Despite the challenges, remote collaboration offered a valuable opportunity for Philippe and I to create something that neither of us would have created alone, though indeed that is exactly how we created our parts for these three pieces.
I’m glad that we did!
Doug Lynner – 01/06/2023

Reciprocess is documenting the process of reciprocity !
A series based on collaborations. Some of us collaborating with other from our Modulisme community…
Giving a new life to the series initiated in the early 2000s on my defunct label BiP_HOp, in collaboration with Fällt Publishing.

Bas Mantel is in charge of designing cover artworks… See his page please:

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