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Boodaman has been an electronic music(s) producer since 1997, but his story with music started well before then. Addict to synthesizers and modular stuff. Maker & composer of dawless electronic music with melody, from ambient to techno…

He then made his passion a reality with the release of his first vinyl EP « Change or Forget » in 1998. After its release, he found myself storming rooms and clubs all over Switzerland with a live exclusively using hardware.

He has since been producing electronic musics. « Multiple electronic musics » because music is not a monolith, and he does not like being put in a box with only one style or genre (Elitism and labels are an absolute no for him).

Location Geneva, Switzerland
Labels Threeeknobs! Cyborgs in love Modular404
Genres Ambient Drone Electronica Techno
Instruments Arp 2600 DIY Eurorack Moog Sputnik Modular