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Joseph Fraioli

Datach’i is Joseph Fraioli, a Brooklyn based electronic musician and sound designer. Beginning with his 1999 debut debut album 10110101=[rec+play] and continuing with several other releases throughout the early 2000s, Joseph has always pushed the limits of what can be done with music. His releases have seen constant shifts and reinventions, all in pursuit of the sometimes melodic and sometimes rhythmic shock that typifies his work.

In addition to Joseph’s work as Datach’i, you have undoubtedly heard his footsteps, slapping, burping, and burning sounds, as sound designer for many movies and commercials through his award-winning sound design company Jafbox Sound. He is also a founding member of Big Noble along with Daniel Kessler of Interpol.

Location Brooklyn, USA
Genres Experimental IDM
Instruments Eurorack